• Glute Activation Circuit

    Glute Activation Circuit

    ’ve spoken to many of you about the importance glute activation exercises for back and hip pain, and i’ve given many of my clients exercises to help activate and strengthen the gluten. Ive managed to film a quick exercise circuit that is
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  • Planks are Awesome copy

    Planks Are Awesome!

    Spinal Stability is Key, if the core isn’t strong enough to do the job then other muscles jump in to help provide the stability it needs. This typically means the hips, mid back and hamstrings become tense and overactive leading to muscular
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  • Running Warm Up Drill

    Running Warm-Up Drill

    7 EXERCISES TO DO BEFORE A RUN TO HELP YOUR BODY STAY INJURY FREE. It’s easy to overlook the importance of a good warm-up before a run, but if you skip your pre-run routine, you risk poor performance and injury. Have you ever been
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