The Best Exercises for Posture

Firstly, there is no perfect posture. There is Bad Posture, and there is better posture, but this posture will be different for everyone, and we all have slight asymmetries.

Having said that, if your suffering from any pain, discomfort and / or  injuries then a good place to start is by looking at your static posture.

To Solve a problem we first need to pinpoint the cause. By understanding proper posture, you can learn about your own postural deviations and determine which corrective exercises will work best to improve your alignment, reduce compensatory pattens and ultimately fix those injuries.

Common Postural Imbalances

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Rounded Shoulders, Forward Head Carriage, Increased Kyphosis


Overactive Muscles:

Upper Trapezius / Levator Scapulae / Pectoralis Major and Minor / SCM / Neck extensors

Underactive Muscles:

Mid and Lower Trapezius / Rhomboids / Serratus Anterior / Deep Neck Flexors

Corrective Exercises for Upper Crossed Syndrome

Mobilisations for Upper Crossed Posture:

Tx Spine Mobilisations

Such As Tx Foam Rolling / Tx Kneeling Rotations / The Windmill / Cat  Camel / Childs Pose

Tx Foam Rolling

Cat Camel

Tx Kneeling Rotations

The Childs Pose

Stretching for Upper Crossed Posture:

Pectoralis Major & Minor (Chest Stretch)

Pec Stretch

Activation Exercises for Upper Crossed Posture:

Rhomboids / Mid & Lower Trapezius

Such as  the W’s / Cobra / Prone Lat Pulldown

Serratus Anterior

Such As the Push Up Plus



Prone Lat Pulldown

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