Meet Alex Eatly

Alex is a Chiropractor, Sports Injury Specialist and a corrective exercise coach.

Alex holds a Master of Chiropractic from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and is the owner of both Liverpool and Southport Chiropractic and Sports Injury clinic.

Through an integrated approach to biomechanical therapy, his team have helped thousands of clients take control of their bodies and transform their lives

Straighten Up: My Perfect Posture

The Ultimate guide to optimising postural alignment, restoring muscular balance and resolving pain.

This practical, easy to understand, comprehensive guide will help you develop positive postural habits to achieve a healthy pain-free lifestyle.

It’s going to give you actionable steps that you can start to use right away to improve your posture, align your spine and pelvis, rebalance your muscular system, reduce pain and develop positive postural patterns that will serve you rather than overload your body.

It’s a roadmap with what you need to do to get from where you are to where you should be. It will guide you with all the strategies and techniques you can implement immediately to start feeling better, moving better and living better.

Access your Workouts from Anywhere with the Straighten Up App

The Ultimate Guide to Optimising Postural Alignment, Restoring Muscular Balance and Resolving Pain.


Take all of your Straighten Up workouts with you.

Follow Along 5 Minute Workouts – Mobility / Activation / Integration / Core / Mobility / Strengthening / Rehabilitation.

This is the #1 Video Workout App for Postural Correction and Rehabilitation.

What you learn:


Running Prehab Training

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The Ultimate Guide to Treating Plantar Fasciitis

What is the Plantar Fascia? The plantar fascia is a thick, fibrous band of connective tissue. Its origin is the medial surface of the heel, running along the sole of the foot like a fan, being attached at its other end to the base of each of the toes. It is a tough, resilient structure that

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The Ultimate Guide to Treating Achilles Tendinopathy

What is the Achilles Tendon? The Achilles Tendon is a thick, fibrous band of connective tissue, that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone (calcaneus). Achilles Tendiniitis Achilles tendinitis is caused by inflammation of Achilles tendon causing pain, swelling and irritation. There are

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